A Web of Thoughts

Alright, so there’s been a growing trend over a long time, probably for as long as I’ve been going to school (which was with the internet starting to be used as a research source), and that would be the affect it is having on us. Well, mostly with our minds and the way we think/process information. Now I’ll be the first to admit that my spelling would be far worse if not for spell check (thank you Google Chrome for having it standard), and my grammar may be off on, well, a bit; however at least it is understandable and able to be followed. If I ever get a bit complex I blame all the philosophy texts I’ve been exposed to as a philosophy major. The internet has helped to aid in many things as I’ve learned growing up using it, but there are claims that it is not exactly aiding us anymore. That it may, in fact, be making us stupid. I can’t help but feel this isn’t so.
The web has placed at our fingertips a great deal of facts. But just that, facts. Now, yeah this means that we don’t have to remember as many facts and probably has made room for more bits of (rather useless) trivia. This is largely because when we need to know a quick fact there are these lovely things called search engines, which let you in a fraction of a second find many sources that have (in theory) that bit of information you’re looking for. Now, I would very much rather be doing that than, say, have a notebook full of quotes I found important (which I may have as a file in Word), a card catalog, and a basement full of books (which would slowly be flooding into the rest of the house). Now, yes of course our habits are going to change with a change of resources, but that’s not going to cause us to think any less, unless the person would rather be thinking less. The way that facts become knowledge is via the person’s mind that is interpreting them. This holds true for when reading someone else’s interpretation of facts. Reading someone else’s knowledge is just a fact to the person reading, it becomes knowledge upon thinking around it.


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