Paper or pixels?

That is the question between scholars these days. Is it better to have documents in paper or all digitized and up on line? There are the same old issues of maintenance to keep everything in good condition and available to those who need to see it. Of course, in most cases, the maintenance is kind of doubled once an item is digitized, as that place now has both a physical and digital copy to maintain. Just having the one copy is less costly, but then those that can access it is significantly lessened. Having a digital copy of something does open it up to many more people being able to see it, or most of it as the quality of the digital copy is sometimes less than optimal. As it currently stands the pros and cons of digital copies of documents keeps wavering back and forth in a way that makes spinning around in circles less dizzy inducing.

There are cases where some of the pros will out weigh the cons. A great example of this can be found in a site I knew of before Professor Prescott put it as an option to do this blog post around. The segment I love using the most is the audio recording section, which contains a lot of literature of books that have now gone into the public domain. As a tactile and auditory learner this is great, because some of the things I need to read for research are presented in a way that’s far less difficult for me to work with! Yeah, reading is visual, the type of learner I’m not, so research gets really frustrating, as typing reports (or blog entries), but I digress.  Having an audio recording of a reading really only keeps the supplier of that resource to only having to maintain the one copy of it, and maybe a digital written version, but not the original. It also can open the resource to more people.

At any rate here’s the link to the place that I was talking about:


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